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Stop Being A Chicken!


I have my first ever book signing tonight and I’m a lil nervous. I dunno why. It’s at my church with my friends, it’s not like they will all laugh at me! (At least to face.)

When I was a lil chick, all wild and woolied haired, I could give two rips what anybody said or thought even whispered….

I still am pretty OK with things as far as that goes. I certainly don’t mind when I’m introduced by childhood friends as “This is Sissie Dale, she’s our friend who never left the 80’s.”

I’m totally not kidding.

Hey ~ so what’s wrong with a lil hair spray???

Now you’re NOT gonna catch me in hot pink leg warmers, or those lacy Madonna gloves, and you’re NEVER gonna see me parade around in a white wedding dress…

And if you do, please just quietly put me outta my misery.

No, what I’m saying is basically, I wouldn’t drive a child’s flying helicopters too close to my hair, as the propellers may get lost…

See that chicken up there? Well, I used to have one just like her. No clucking around.  Her name was Harriet and I found her on a farm and took her home with me.  Everybody thought I was crazy for bringing home a chicken, but I didn’t care. Harriet was paper trained and slept in my bed, on my pillow next to me every night. Eventually, she got too big, and the dogs started salivating a little too much when they would look into Harriet’s eyes, so I had to return her to the hen house. There, Harriet evolved back into being just a regular ole bird. Three months after I returned Harriet to her humble settings, she had no idea who I was. I visited her one day and as I tried to pick her up, she immediately thought “this crazy blond is trying to make me her Sunday dinner…..RUN!!!!!”

And she did.

But not very fast.

The next time I went to visit Harriet, she had been eaten by a fox.

I suppose I could just just run too, I mean after all, the signing isn’t until tonight…..I can skip it, sit behind the sidelines and never try to get out there and sell my book. It might sell a little on it’s own. But a little bit is not 

what I want ….

Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.

~ Bill Cosby

I know this about myself: If not exercised, then my courage will wane and my dreams will disappear …over night.

So, I’m gonna be there….

Lesson learned: life is short….don’t be a chicken.

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