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I have officially turned into Gladys Kravitz.

Think Bewitched.

I took this picture early this morning. I’m being mighty creative, if I do say so myself. You see, I’m peering through the wooden slat shutters that hang from my front door. Who knew one could maneuver the camera through the wooden shutter slats so effortlessly??? The nice firemen outside can’t see or detect I’m taking a picture of them!

You shouldn’t judge me for being so nosy.

It’s completely unavoidable.

The blinking lights of the two enormous firetrucks are what caught my attention.

Then the phone calls started pouring in.

“What did YOU do now, Sissie Dale????”

“Whoa whoa! It’s not me this time, I promise!!!!”

“Did you leave your iron on again and sear a perfect iron mark onto your floor again?”

“No, no, I haven’t ironed in months!!!!” I answer in defense!!!

“Yes, you are looking a lil wrinkly. I’ve noticed.”

“Remember when you chopped through your sprinkler line and your entire front yard looked like a swimming pool???” Another neighbor pipes in.

“Errrrrrr hoping you had forgotten that on…” I admit in shame; remembering all the neighborhood children so excited at the thought I had installed a front yard swimming pool……

“And that’s not my favorite, remember when….”

“Come over! I excitedly exclaim “and let’s discuss whose the neighborhood idiot today!!!!!!!!”

Before I know it, I’ve got three of my neighbors over and we are all Mrs. Kravitz; opening the shutters, then peering then dashing away.

We found out who the idiot was.  (So grateful that someone else gets to wear the dunce hat.) It was one of the construction workers who is building a house two doors down.  He didn’t “call before he dug” and hit a gas line. This joker caused quite a commotion:

Somebody ~ dunno who ~ was sitting in the street inhaling from an oxygen mask while others were late taking their kids to school / work while others were scared to death that their 67 year cats were being expiated by the gas leak in our neighborhood.

All in all, the wind did carry the poisonous fumes away and we were allowed to go about our business.

Once again…happy, in our tranquil lil neighborhood that we reside in all quiet and peaceful….

until I decide to pick up that dunce hat again…..

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