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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Runny Fudge and Lumpy Bar B Q Sauce

I’ve beencooking all morning long.  Izzy stayed home from school because she’s had the hacks and after some sweet tea with fresh lemon,

she’s now my in house kitchen helper.

We started with secret recipes that my mother gave me.  Unfortunately, my recipe cabinet looks a lot like this:

Ok, this is not really my cabinet. My is much messier.  I just can’t find the wire to hook up to the computer so I could show you a real picture of what MY messy cabinet looks like.  Although, I have to wonder aloud:

“What in the world does this person have in the 18 gallon bucket?” Very strange.

Anyhow, since my cabinet is a mess and I can’t find my recipes because they are hiding in said messy cabinet, I realize that I need to put all my recipes in a nice orderly manner on my blog.  I always think I can just “grab them and go” but ummmmm…

Not so much.

Then I try to rely on others to be responsible.  Like my mother.  If only she would answer the phone, she could tell me what is in our family secret fudge not to mention Bar B Q sauce.  It would be nice if she could carry something other than the $1.99 track phone she purchased from Fred’s.  This way, I could reach her when I really needed to.

Nevertheless, Izzy and I have been furiously cooking away preparing fudge (from a hodge podge of three different recipes) and then as the fudge hardens, we start on the coveted family secret Bar B Q sauce.

One hour later

The Bar B Q sauce has major lumps and my fudge is very runny.

Personally, I blame all of this on my mother.

Dear Mother,

Since you are too busy to answer the phone, I decided to write you a letter.  On my blog.  Good thing I am not bleeding from my eye balls because you don’t bother to answer your phone.

With all this said, I am going to spend the rest of my day in my kitchen. Behind my computer.  Not the stove. I did not have all the proper directions and as a result, my fudge looks like something a very sick horse left behind and my Bar B Q sauce appears to have bite size chunks floating amongst some white residue looking stuff.

Not to be disheartened.

I have a new handy recipe button that my web designer plugged in for me, so it should be interesting to see if I can actually maneuver the thing.

And as for you, Mumsey, you’d better hope I can’t figure out how to work this new recipe gadget….

I might be including some family recipes… jk 🙂


Amanda Todd Tradgey

 I am so frustrated I could scream.  Or…slap somebody upside the head.  Unfortunately, because there seems to be so many kids involved in the Amanda Todd tragedy, I feel that this post is the most reasonable (not to mention legal) action I can take.  Up until thirty minutes ago, I had never heard of Amanda Todd, her bullying, cutting, severe depression, and consequently suicide.  Why would I?

She’s a little girl from Canada who at age 13 got involved in some sort of chat rooms. There, she was told she was beautiful, stunning, pretty.  Don’t we all want to be called these names?  She met some guy who is now identified by Anonymous as ‘some 32 year old pedophile named Kody.’  Kody convinced Amanda to do a live web cam where she flashed her breasts.  He then sent pictures of her to his friends and family. (What friends and family members would actually want to see a 13 year old child is beyond me.)

From then, Kody would return to haunt her with threats of exposing her pictures even more. She was constantly harrased and bullied, the guy even made his own facebook page with her boobs as his profile picture.  He knew her address.  Her family’s name and where she went to school.  This pedifile seemed so full of hate to continue to harrass such a young girl.  Maybe all this hate he projected on Amanda was really the discust he felt for himself.  Who knows.

This is what I do know:

Was Amanda right to let naked pictures of herself be put on the computer? No.

Was it ok for other kids to harass her and put such cruel and hateful things up on facebook for the entire world to see?  No.

Even if she did sleep around?  Does that make it ok?  No.

I told both my children this morning that in life, bad things will happen.  You will make mistakes.  Honestly, don’t we all flub the dub? What I wish is this: if Amanda Todd would have just held on and let her heart heal from all this then she could have been a hero.


Amanda could have turned her misery into her ministry.  She could have traveled from school to school and spoken to other sixth, seventh and eighth graders and told them her story.  She could have been an inspiration to all of the world and a role model to any girls who even think about making this terrible mistake.

Need an example?

This is the story of Ashley Smith and what she did with her mistakes.

This is the story of Amanda Todd.


Let all of our misery become our ministry.  No telling how many lives we can touch….

Puppy Love!

Izzy’s dad promised her a new puppy.  They were very maticulous to pick out the parents, the breed, coloring , yada yada yada. 200 months later, the baby is born. ~ Oh wait, that’s humans, not dogs.

Anyhow, Izzy’s baby just arrived.  This is Mallie.  Mallie is six weeks old. Isn’t she precious?

Izzy looked at me with fear in her big blue eyes: “Daddy is scared you will love this puppy so much, you won’t want to give her back.”

“Yea, right, like I need to take care of another baby.”  I tell Izzy. But then again…. This new puppy is very, very cute.  HMMMMMMM…….


We take the puppy with us everywhere! She visits my mother, then my brother, his wife and their two kids.  Everybody loves a puppy, yes?

And that nose, who could resist kissing that sweet lil ole brown nose every single night?


Mallie and Izzy are two peas in a pod.  There are adorable together!  Jake and I take them on a golf cart ride and stop off in the park to let Mallie run around and stretch her lil legs.  She’s so soft and fuzzy and that puppy breath…..I’m starting to think that maybe Mallie should stay at our house and not go home after all.  I don’t want her to be lonely during the day when Izzy’s dad is at work.  I’m at home anyway working on my computer, I can babysit during the week and he can have her back on the weekends.  Joint custody, yes?

Before we go to bed that night, we tuck our brand new sweet lil baby neatly in MY bathroom.

“My bathroom?” I ask in alarm.  “Why my bathroom? Why not your bathroom, it’s your baby!”

“Oh momma, no!  She needs you.  I don’t know what to do if she cries in the middle of the night, this is the first night away from her mother.  I don’t know puppy language, you do.”

Errr ummmm, puppy language? Oh stars….I forgot about all that yelping the first few nights…..

“I want her to be comfy.” Izzy says. “I want my lil baby to have the comfiest blanket we can find.”

By 2:00 a.m., Mallie has taken upon herself to find her own comfy blanket……

Puppy language translation, huh?

Mallie whispers in my ear “My what lovely hair you have to chew on…”


More puppy language translation:

2:00 a.m. I am crying and I won’t stop until you hold me and put me in your bed….

3:22 a.m. I am awake and bored and will chew on your back fat to sharpen my new teeth…

4:05 a.m. I want to go outside to potty…or else I will simply do it in your bed…

5:23 a.m. I want some more food and I want it wet, so get your fat booty up and throw that slop into the microwave…

6:04 a.m. It is time to “get up and play!”

At 7:02 a.m. on a Saturday morning, Izzy thought it would be so cute to take a picture of me and Mallie bonding…

That afternoon, when Izzy’s dad came calling for his new baby to come home…

I packed up her comfiest blanket I could find…

and sent that puppy on her way…