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More Christmas Decor

Nativity Scene I bought from Sam’s years ago. Baby Jesus’s head is detached due to somebody in our crowd playing with the lil baby too much. When I first got this home years ago, I could tell all the figures were dark skinned. From the other room, I heard Izzy ask Jake “Why is baby Jesus brown?” Jake looks at Izzy like she’s an idiot. “Because they were always out in the sun. DUH, Izzy.” Hmmmmm. I don’t know about those two.

2 Responses to More Christmas Decor

  • Janet Travis says:

    Can you tell me the maker of your nativity set?  Sam’s no longer sells this set.


    • Sissie Dale says:

      Hi Janet,
      I’m sorry but that box the nativity set came in is long gone so I have no clue who made it! I was just at Sam’s last night but I didnt look to see if they still had any at our store. I also go to Costco so I will check next week and let you know 🙂

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