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A Cheating Mother

Still sick and barely moving…..I thought I would share a cheater dinner with you.  The kids made it themselves with me shouting from my bed lovingly directing them through the simple steps of cooking their own dinner. Unsupervised. Alone. And no, they didn’t burn the house down…..

It was easy, on sale at Publix and from what I understand, YUM!


The Mix Coat Bake mix by Kraft is found right by the Philadelphia cooking cream in the refrigerator section of Publix.

They have all sorts of different flavors for both items.  For the breading mix, I choose the chili lime & panko. All you have to do is open your chicken, wash it off, and dip it in the bag they provide with the cheese and crumbs. While it is baking in the oven,  the kids cooked themselves some butternut squash pasta (located right below the panko mix), threw some parmesan cheese on top of the warm pasta, warmed up the cream sauce and dribbled it on top.  PBC added some pancetta bacon to hers as well as sprinkled some goat cheese on top.

Ummm….can we say easy instant gourmet???

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