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A Good Peach is Hard to Find

I’m from Georgia, the Peach state, so I’m supposing that my Honey is supposing that this means I know how to make all things peaches. Well umm, not so much. The problem arises when your “Honey” hands you some peaches that he grew his very own self on his farm and says “Hey ~ you want these?” What are you supposed to say…”Gee thanks Bub, I’ve never eaten a peach in my life.” Or do you say “You are the man!!! Look how self-sufficient my sweet baby is!!! Hand me over those fruits and let them show you how fabulous big momma can cook.!!!”

I choose the latter. I ain’t stupid.  A good Honey is hard to find.

So, needless to say, it is off to the internet with “what to do with peaches” on the subject line.

Whoa Nelly!!!! The list includes:

Peach~ A~ Berry Pie ~ I’d feel like a fool saying “Ok, Honey, come to the table and eat some good ole’ Peach~a~ berry pie. I’m not June Cleaver.

Mango Peach Smoothie ~ Nah, too breakfasty.

Champagne Peach Punch ~ definite option when sitting by the ocean one afternoon. Unfortunately, we ain’t sitting by the ocean.

Peach Chicken Salad ~ weird. I don’t mix fruit in my chicken salad.  Wouldn’t that turn soggy? Blah!

Mascaarpone Stuffed French Toast With Peaches ~ Yummmmmmmmmmmm. But no.

Fuzzy Navel Slush ~ ummmm.  Sounds yum but not very manly. Save recipe for girls night out.

Pickled Peaches ~ Ok, this just sounds wrong.

Easy Peaches With Tuna Recipe ~ I’d rather vomit blood before I mixed the two of those together.

Peach Cobbler ~ Boring but safe.  If all else fails, I can always slap some vanilla bean ice cream on there to hide any and all foils.

It is decided that I’m gonna make him, the Honey, peach cobbler with Paula Dean’s recipe. I write down all the ingredients and venture off to the store. I start off at Costo but can’t find the ingredients I need that don’t include a 90 pound vat of sugar and a 100 ton bag of self rising flour. I move on to Publix. I come home, start slicing those sweet fruits and poop!!!! Recipe says I need 4 cups of peaches and I’ve got about… cup. (Honey warns me ahead of time that I don’t have enough peaches to make anything but I can be a lil…stubborn.)  Back to store for more peaches. Publix is out of peaches. Go to Kroger. Buy peaches. Come home and begin recipe. Decide recipe is a lil boring and do more research. Find recipe that includes a lil more UMPFT!!! Decide my Honey is worth the UMPFT and head back out the door to Publix to get additional ingredients. I’m getting a lil embarrassed at this point. I don’t think there has been too many days in my life where I visit the grocery store a total of what is it….five times???

Nevertheless, I prepare cobbler.

Decorate dining room table in fish plate/beachy/sea shell theme. (Must have that Tuna Peach business still stuck in my head.) Discover that most of my fish plates are broken due to very irresponsible help:

Throw together a hodge podge of fish plate dinner ware.

Start dinner and it is a production in itself.  I think it’s because I was so turned around from going to the grocery store so many times in one day…..

This chicken dish is absolutely delicious and worth the effort. (I’ll have it on Let Them Eat Cake in the next day or two. It’s gonna take me 6 hours to type it all in.) TRY IT!!!! Although, I would seriously consider making it the day before.  This way, a princess can be refreshed and refined; not meet her man at the door like this:

Especially if her gas grill runs outta gas half way through the cooking process. All in all, it is worth it.

Especially, if your Honey is a real peach!   :)

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