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A Mouse or a Rat?

“So, Flib, why in the world did you let your son catch an orange on fire and watch in delight as he threw it into the woods behind your house?”
“Oh yea, he’s got pictures of the entire firey inferno all over his facebook pages. Too funny.”
“UUUUUUUUUUUUUmmmmm, huh?”

Acutual photo of evidence.
I cant believe that NERD brought a flaming orange
into our house.

Within 7 minutes, I’ve cracked open the kids password for FB. Ok, so he gives it to me, the kid knows when he is in trouble and when he must divulge all private info.
Within seconds, I’m on STALS face book page stalking cruising over his various posts when I see this sweet innocent beauty of a child that we both know. I know this child well. I know her momma. and I know that her momma would FLIP if she knew what her daughter was saying on the wall of her facebook. NASTY! NASTY! NASTY! Am I being some dork or prude?  Ummmmmmmmmm. I can’t tell if I’m overreacting or not. I know STAL doesnt talk like that on his wall or in person for that matter. PBC doesnt talk like that. Is it because they both know I would surgurically sew both their lips together if they did?  I don’t talk like that …….. unless a truck runs over my foot or something else miserable and unpleasant happens ~ think body part mutatin but NEVER would I post it.
So I’ve been thinking….
I would want somebody to tell me ~ I would EXPECT somebody to tell me if one of my children were behaving like this. The girl has more cigertettes coctails in one weekend than most people have in one year.  She says every word there is to say and often.  She brags about getting drunk (she calls it crunk) and how excited she is to be quitting school. She posts pictures of her belly button pircing and all I gotta say is: OUCH!!!
She’s only 15.
I dunno.
Sometimes when you stick your nose in peoples world, it can back fire on YOU.
So for now, I think I’ll be quiet as a mouse.
*BUT if somebody did that to me, I would think they were a rat!!!!!!!
I would totally want to know!!!
Anybody out there have any suggestions?

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