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A White Bow

Two days ago, a young single mother of three came running out of her home screaming; crying out “somebody help me, my baby is choking!”

It makes me sick to even type those words.

Even though she lives just three doors down, I have yet to meet her, nor her three small children.  We don’t hang in the backyard discussing make up tricks, last nights date or what the baby said or did that day at mothers morning out. Still, we have something very precious in common:


I don’t want to go into specifics but this six month old baby died choking on a McDonald’s french fry.  Besides being every parents nightmare come true, I try to think of something, anything to help or console this young mother I have yet to ever meet.

My heart truly breaks for her.

Last night, some girls in the neighborhood were tying white bows around the trees that sits in front of all of our houses.  It is a sweet kind gesture, something to let her we are thinking of her small family. There’s also a vigil set for tonight in our neighborhood park. I’m told she most likely won’t be there.

I looked up several u tube videos because I do not know how to do the hymlic maneuver and to be honest, it made my heart sick even more to watch them.

Ugggggg….sad day.

Send prayers for this family…..

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