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Bunco Babes

Boys will be boys and have their night out……





So, the girls need a night out too! I’ve always heard of bunco groups but never went to one until the other day.  ok….maybe it was a few weeks ago. Actually, I think it was two months.

It was hilarious fun….so mindless; just what a girl needs! So, I get all pumped and declare…I want to be a Bunco Queen too!!!

Problem: that was two months ago and now,

I’ve forgotten how to play.

So typical

So I look ‘er up.


Print up some invites and put them in each and every potential Bunco Babes mailbox that looks remotely like they are in desperate need of a girls night out.

Sent out 20 invites.

I include my email address on the invites so they could respond.

Very little response. 🙁

Spot and corner 2 potential Bunco Babes in publix dairy section and force, excuse me coax, 2 potentials to send me their email addresses.

Look up material list.

Items needed:

12 chairs

3 card tables




12 pencils

3 spiral notebooks

9 dice

Designated date for first Bunco Babes meeting is December 6th.

Wish me luck!

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