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Cinnamon Challenge

I come home from an innocent night of exercising and imagine my surprise when there is powdered cinnamon tossed all over my granite counter tops….

Has Jake been cooking  muffins?  We did make monkey bread the other morning… was he just in a cinnamon buns mood??


Actually, he was in a stupid mood.


Apparently, there has been this ridiculous ‘cinnamon challenge’ going around school.

It’s when a child~

(and I say a child because you would HAVE to be an immature, non grown, half coherent ignoramous to attempt this adorable fowl disgusting challenge.)

~ Anyhow, it’s when a child dares another child  to swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon without vomiting or inhaling the powder.  The children then post their “challenge on u tube for all to see.” I looked on u tube and was going to give a link but I wouldn’t want you to toss your cinnamon buns breakfast….out the door.

So I won’t. Just look it up yourself or better yet, take my word for it.

It is absolutely repulsive. This has been around since early 2000′s but I have yet to witness such stupidity in my home until now.

And whoa, did I witness it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also witnessed the evidence that remained in my kitchen sink when the challenge became a foil……

Oh yeah, I’m MAD.

In my home, we live by the saying:

You act like a idiot, you get treated like an idiot.


Because of the ‘cinnamon challenge’, Jake will now find out what a true challenge it will be:

~ To live without a computer for a month.

~ To live without his cell phone for… a time to be decided…..

~ Sound too harsh and challenging??????????????????????????

Then you can come over to my house and clean out my sink.


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