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This is me. Not. It’s just how I feel. I locked myself outta my blog for the last two days due to the fact that I keep forgetting my new passwords for my new website that my new web designer is designing. Last night I finally reset my G Mail password and looked at my emails only to be ELATED that my book is finally on kindle.
within moments….

I am a completely DEFLATED! This is due to the fact that Kindle has misspelled the title of my book….
It can be fixed, I tell myself as I scramble for the “1 800 call Amazon number to report a misspelled title of your book….” Now who exactly do I call??????????????????????
I look try to remain calm as I diligently search the web for the number …..within seconds… POOF!
The entire Kindle email has disappeared from my computer.
I have yet to find it again…………
Nevertheless, I will NOT remain deflated, I will once again be elated not down grated becoming an email loosing looser…..but educated…(I already bought Word Press for Dummies. Aren’t ya proud of ya flibbertigibbet???)
First things first and most important of researching important info on yo computer:
*Be very weary of looking up the word deflated on google image search while your sweet, innocent 12 year old is sitting right next to you….
The images / effects can leave one devastated….

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