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Dearest New Web Designer

Dearest Kelly,

My fabulous new web designer,

Hope all is well in your world. I know that we are on a time crunch because I am taking my own life into my hands

flying to Philadelphia for the writers conference next week and needed to have up my new site. The one thing you asked of me was “write up your About Me page and send it to me ASAP!”

I want you to know that I did indeed finish it and was truly planning on sending it to you but I am currently a lil tied up:


chasing children

slaving over a hot stove

sipping margaritas

On a unplanned, last minute/halfway thought out spur of the moment family vacation in Hilton Head, SC. I’m here with a wide age variety of children which include: 16, 2, 5, 10, and 12. We are experiencing true family bonding as we are sharing a two bedroom condo. Unfortunately, My About Me page is either:

A. Hidden at the bottom of my nephews diaper pail

B. Used as a lip stick blotter in the my daughters caboodle


C. Most likely, back home in Georgia (on the other computer) and not with me.

I’m so sorry and really thought I was bringing it with me to finish up. I should be back home Saturday or Sunday at the latest. For future projects, I just discovered this new cool feature; DROPBOX, where I can write then save a file and put it in DROPBOX. Then VOILA! It woulda already been in my laptop. (Oh yeah, you’re the one who sent me the link to DROPBOX this morning)

Thank you for your understanding and I will be in touch soon,



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