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Firing the Help

This is the morning scene my sweet and ‘not so innocent children’ awoke to. “Are we having a morning fiesta, momma?” Izzy excitedly asks.
“Urrrr ummmm.  Not so much. Izzy, in the 8 months y’all have been handled dish duty, I have realized that every single plate I own is now chipped.  See these wine glasses???”
“Oh yes momma, very pretty wine glasses. Can I use one of them for my orange juice this morning??”
“Urrrrr…. ummmmm. No. Do you that realize momma used to have 12 and now, if you look, how many glasses does momma have left?”
“I only see 2. You can use the other one for your orange juice, I don’t mind!!!!”
“Urrrrrrr ummmmm, I’m sure you don’t mind and thank you precious for sharing my wine glasses with me but that’s not my point. My point is just this:
Momma has collected dishes and has for many, many years ~” “And glasses too!!” Izzy adds. “Yes, and glasses too.  And up until 8 months ago, maybe one or two glasses would be broken every couple of years but rarely ~ if ever ~ has mommas plates been chipped. Do you see my point?”
“I don’t see your point, but I DO see those chips! WHEW!!! Look at that one, momma, it’s a biggie. See it?”
“Errrrrrr ummmmm, yes, Izzy, I see it, and just think, this is only a couple of mommas plates, not all of them.”

“And I bet they have chips too, huh?” I bet you are right. What do you think I ought to do about my lil helpers breaking all of mommas glasses and chipping up all her pretty plates??”

“Hmmmmmm. I think you should fire us momma.  Seriously, we don’t mind…..

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