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Francey is Fancy

Jake just got home from his overseas trip to France.  For the last year, we paid $300.00 a month so Jake could venture out into the unknown and visit fabulous places. By June 8th, we are paid off and Jake is sipping hot chocolate coco in Chenonceau.
Yup, he took a picture of his hot coco:
I have never ~ in his nearly 17 years of life ~ been away from Jake for nine days straight.  It was……weird.  There were no late night visits to the refrigerator awaking me at 3:02 a.m. as he scours the shelves. The house remained clean and in order as there were no dirty crusty half eaten salsa bowls, open bags of tortilla chips left open to stale, and dirty ice cream spoons sitting in plain view that are constantly littering my counter tops. The faint odor of feet/socks/old gym shorts that floats down our stairway into my nostrils had actually begun to subside. Izzy even made the comment “momma, our house is so clean, is this the way it’s going to be when Jake goes off to college???” Sadly, I look around at my tidy abode. “Yes. sniff, sniff. I suppose so.”
I have to admit, Jake will be missed when he leaves for college. It will definitely take some adjusting: who in the world is going to take out the trash?? That is so GROSS! Who will walk the dogs? Turn off all the lights at night making sure the doors are locked? And whom, may I ask will keep the house finely stocked with chocolate treats hidden neatly in all corners of our home?????? Who, pretell, will scour my purse, chew ALL of my bubble gum; leaving the empty wrappers as evidence on the floor (of all places.) Will there be a demand for freshly cooked meals? I would say who will be there to scrub the muddy golf cart but since he is the only one getting it muddy, I guess I can’t count that one.
The night after Jake returned,
I made my sweet son spaghetti for his welcome home meal.  As he slurps noodles, Jake is having a fabulous time flaunting discussing his trip. Here are a couple of his 388 pics he took while visiting:


I asked Jake if he thought about his mother at all on his trip.  “Yes, momma, I did. I even took a picture for you”:
A pink scooter for his momma to ride through the streets of Paris. Sweet boy! :)

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