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Good Times for the 4th!

Happy July 4th! For all of you who are like my lil family….(those whom do very little which includes avoiding any humongous firework displays because the traffic is to0 crazy and most everybody you know is already out of town doing something fabulous.) Most years,  the only spectacular thing I’m doing on July 4th is making sure my children are not blowing off their hands due to a faulty candle sparkler? Candleabra? Shooting candle?  What the heck do you call them??

Anyway, I’m determined this is will be the best July 4th, ever!! YAY!!! (which is so not a hard thing to accomplish because frankly, the previous ones have all been a stinker…)

This year, we will be hanging out on the river, so no fighting the bad traffic! There’s a huge firework display in our town and being on the river, we have an automatic front row seat. WAHOO! Of course I wanta do a lil decorating….

Instead of doing the same old 4th of July plates,  I got these cute lil table set: red napkins with white polka dots, clear plates and cutlery and I couldn’t resist these lil flags:


Can you tell we have been scouring Target? We also are going to bring a chocolate chip cake and surround it with strawberries filled with whipping cream and topped off with a blueberry! Since the Honey has the BBQ, I decided I will just make some cucumber salad….Last night, I tried get crafty and pulled out my little star cookie cutter. It turned out cute but pretty time consuming. Hint: when making this cucumber salad, try to be more mindful and not get wrapped up watching an intense episode of American Greed. I totally put too much mayonnaise in my star-shaped cucumber salad….woof!

Then, Dateline ID came on and as I made a chocolate chip cake, I forgot the secret ingredient: sour cream.

No more television watching while I’m cooking!!

So it’s back to publix for me. Whats the word for completely starting over a recipe because you forget secret ingredient? Stupid? Ridonculous???? I like ridonculous better.

Also, I made my friend, Stephanie’s, Buffalo Chicken Dip and found a recipe for spinach dip that’s looking kinda tastey. If it’s good, you’ll know, I’ll post it on Let Them Eat Cake!

Happy Firecracking!

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