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How To Not Be Stressed

This is how I feel. Except the big guy in this picture should be wearing horns. THEN, that’s exactly how I would be feeling.  We let go of Bear two weeks ago. I took him to the vet and after they picked themselves off the floor from the ghastly gas that was emerging from his grapefruit size tumor, they said, yes, it is time to let Bear go.

I picked up Izzy and Jake from school that day. We came home and did what southerners do when they mourn: Cook.

I cooked home made pralines that were absolutely scrumptious.

We also made home made pizza.  It’s my specialty.

In fact, this experience of loss has started some new crazed cooking phenomena in our home. (We loved Bear very much.)

Every night for weeks now, I have slaved over the hot stove, not to mention outside grill, preparing delicious delicatessen.

The result for me?

6 pounds.

Major weight gain for me means…

More mourning.

And we’ve already established what a true southerner does when she mourns….


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