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How to say NO!!!

OOOPS, she did it again…and we ain’t talking about Britney Spears either.

Need to refresh your memory?

I knew PP was in trouble this morning when she called me on her way to yet another day of volunteering, to chat.

PP: ”Hey ~ only have 78 seconds before I pull into the school parking lot, but wanted to catch up. I MISSS YOU!!! How are you???”

PF: ”Ummm, ok, I will talk quick, doing great, just here cleaning out my bathroom drawers, you know, nothing to uber exciting.”

PP: “I’m so jealous!!!”

PF: ”You’re jealous I’m cleaning out my bathroom drawers? Perhaps you would like to swing by here and scrape the melted shampoo from the back left corner, it’s pretty disgusting. I must warn you, some nerd bomb, (most likely my children, threw the Q tips on top of the shampoo blob and it like…. stuck in the 10 year old shampoo pile.  Woof.”

PP: ”I’m jealous you have the time to clean out your cabinets, I need to do so many things around my house. But the school, they need me soooooo much.  So and So broke their ankle and nobody volunteered so…”

PF: “Nobody else volunteered…so YOU did?”

PP: Well, ummm, yes and I’m so tired. I’ve been sick for three straight weeks. Tonight, we have PTO and I’m so wanting to stay home but….a lot of the parents are dropping their volunteer duties so they can …”

PF: ”Spend time with their families?”

PP: ”Ummm… yes and today after school, I have to….”

PF: ”You HAVE tooooooooo what? Have to volunteer again? Because nobody but YOU volunteered?”

PP: Yes, but I told you….next year, things are gonna be different….I’m not getting stuck in this rut again!!”

PF: Oh you’re not, huh? Do they know this?”

PP: “Oh yes!!! They do… at least I think they do… or at least I’m seriously thinking about telling them I quit.  Or maybe I should just change my phone number. Maybe I should just move to another town?”

PF: Yes!!! That’s the answer, just move!!!!  That way, when you get to your new town, they can sniff you out like a hungry dog smelling fresh meat. How about just say NO?

PP: “I am. I will. I promise.”

PF: “How about this…Want me to call them and pretend I’m you??? You know I will!! I will just say, Thank you for thinking of me, but NO.  My plate in life is full.”

PP: “NO!”

PF: “What did you say???”

PP: “NO!!”

PF: “Excuse me???”

PP: “I said NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

PF: “I knew you could say it….”


Without balance, we are all susceptible to burnout….and thats when life can get outta control. We can get SO outta control, we may finally blow and find ourselves doing weird and abnormal things….like shaving all our hair off…..whic would be a shame.  Princess Puckered has a beautiful head of hair.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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