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Is The Gardasil Shot Safe?

A few months ago, I took Jake for his annual doctors check up.  She checked his eyes, ears, nose, you name it, she checked it. She asked about his studying skills, driving skills and social skills. This brought us to the subject of  “it.”  “It” Meaning: Jake is 17 years old and is on the verge of becoming VERY social.

ERGO:  The Gardasil shot is a very important vaccine to consider. For those of you who are un teached in the tween/teen world, it’s a vaccine that helps guard your child against HPV.  HPV is very dangerous, non curable and causes 70% of all cervical cancer.  The vaccine was first approved in 2006 for girls ages 9-26 then later approved for boys. Personally, I was all for it.  Several years ago, a friend of a friend of a friend got snagged by …well you know….HPV.  She was completely devastated.  Even though I didn’t know her that well, I felt so bad for her.  She went into a deep depression, swore off any chance of having a relationship and she was mad.  Very, very mad.

And I don’t blame her.  It was one bad decision that will stay with her for the rest of her life.

So, that day, several months ago, sitting in the doctors office, I said “YES” to the Gardasil shot.  Unfortunately, Jake said “NO” to the shot.  This was not surprising.  When it comes to shots, my son Jake is the biggest chicken I have ever met.  He has no qualms about sprinting out of the examining room through the office waiting area, down the hall and out into the parking lot in 22 seconds flat – just to avoid a shot.  Over the years I have used sweet talk, bribes, threats, and full frontal body force just so my child will receive his yearly inoculations.  I’m 5’1, it ain’t been easy.

His doctor advised me that it was the safe thing to do and I should go ahead with the shot.  What could Jake possibly say?  It is for his own safety! It would be tricky, I mean I think the boy only outweighs me by about 20 pounds, BUT… I can still sit on him if needed to pin him down. But then, a small glitch in my plan.  It comes in 3 different shots.  Could I manage to hold down my 17 year old 3 times in the next 6 months?  As I observed the terror in his eyes and watched in dismay as his feet began trembling; stirring up dust bunnies on the examining room floor, it was then that I made a choice.  I’d have to go home and discuss it with Jake; inform him of the dangers of HPV and reiterate the fact that “mommy can’t hold you down to the shiny metal table with blunt force forever….one day you will have to grow up and take it like a man.”

So we have ‘the talk’ and after several vivid and colorful pictures via Google images showing Jake just exactly what HPV can do to a person, my child is prepped and ready for his 3 shot series.

And then she called.  She, meaning my mother.  The conversation went a little like this:

MOM:  “The Gardasil shot?  You’re not giving that poor child that shot, are you?  Why, haven’t you read the papers?!!!?  Sissie, how could you???!!!”

As if I’m stabbing my child with a doubled sided razor sharp carving knife directly through his heart…..

MOI:  “Errrr.  Ummm.  No, I haven’t seen anything in the paper.” (As if I even read the paper.)  “Why?”

MOM:  All exasperated and out of breath: “Don’t you EVER watch the news?  When will you ever grow up and take responsibility??!!”

MOI: “Errrr uummmm.  Well, I thought that’s what I was doing by planning on giving him the Gardasil shot.”

MOM:  “Well, if you had bothered to watch the news or read the paper, you would know that the Gardasil shot leads to brain tumors!  Are you trying to give your child cancer?”

MOI: “HUH?????????”

So I’ve sat on my duff for about six months now, trying to ask around to see if any of my friends had ever heard such dastardly things about the Gardasil shot.  I’m trying to help my child, not hurt him.  I call Izzy’s pediatrician.

“Hi my name is Sissie Dale and my daughter is 13 and my son is 17. I was wondering if Dr. Whozit believes in and recommends the Gardasil shot?  My mother has told me it will give them brain tumors.”

After waiting 17 minutes, (it’s a very busy office and I can’t help but to wonder if its because she is extremely busy doling out 100’s of shots filled with brain tumor juice????)  Finally, she returns to the phone.

The outcome? My daughters doctors office claims the shot is completely safe and highly recommended. Plus….no reports of brain tumors.  Next, I called My son’s doctors office just to double check that they haven’t changed their minds in the last six months.  The outcome? Completely safe and recommended.

I ask my friends whose children have received the shot and whether or not they are fainting, having seizures, developed Guillain Barre syndrome and are so weak they are having trouble holding their pencils at school? The outcome?  Nope.  All is well and HPV safe and… not a brain tumor in sight.

Still, I’m anxious. I go on line and try to study up.  Instantly, I am bombarded on this one site where hysterical mothers are claiming:

Fainting on day of inoculation and skin infections, 18,000 reports of Guillian Barre, lupus, seizures, paralysis, blood clots, brain inflammation and many more.

Turns out, only 10% of girls who get HPV will it turn out to be cervical cancer so why risk all the other side effects such as the ones above?

I’m panting like a dog and fidgeting at my computer this morning when Jake sits next to me with a message.  “Mom, all this is unfiltered garbage.  Look up the CDC.  (Center for Disease control.)

So that’s what I do:

CDC says: “Gardasil continues to be safe and effective and its benefits continue to out weigh its risks.”  What can a mother do?

I’m going to get my children…the shot.



3 Responses to Is The Gardasil Shot Safe?

  • heather says:

    Bad decision on your part. All the dangers you are reading about are true. If it is safe why is my daughter so sick like 1000s of others. we are not lying, why in the VAERS reports are there reports of confirmed deaths and injuries. You can trust your doctor if you want. I never will again. The side effects are torture. The shot last 5 yrs for girls and only in some. boys get protection for 2.5 yrs. other counties have ban it due to death rates. It s all about the Money and I have researched it for 2 years, along with 100s of other mom s with sick kids.

  • Cindy says:

    Before you run out & get your kids their shots you should know that it’s only good for genital warts for boys… and the efficacy of the vaccine wears off on the genital warts prevention after only 2 1/2 years. The shot for girls also is wearing down at 6 years. And if you go to the CDC and read the ACIP minutes of when Merck was getting Gardasil approved, you will learn that Merck actually gave girls in the clinical trials FOUR shots, not three, to show the efficacy they needed in order to say it worked. And, one of the lead researchers for the vaccine has said that it will take vaccinating every girl every year for SIXTY years to reduce the rate of cervical cancer in the U.S. by a single digit. It’s true. I heard it come straight out of her mouth myself.

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