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JR Ewing, the Whole Kit and Caboodle

This is the exact pink caboodle that my daughter, Izzy, owns. It was given TO her BY her mother (me) under severe distress: “Momma, please, you can have my allowance for the next ten years, it’s all I’ve ever wanted…”

All she’s ever wanted? EVER? Really?

So, I caved.

With this said, I must confess: Izzy and I share a guilty pleasure.  We love watching the cheesy 1980′s series DALLAS! Luckily, most of it flies right over her sweet lil blond head.  Izzy does however, know that JR EWING, the man all of America loved to hate ~ the lying, conniving, cheating, wheeling and dealing; the list is endless.

Oh…. what do I need to do to describe the root of evil in this man??????

Check out this pic I found of ole JR. Either he’s been in the Texas sun or frequenting my tanning salon a lil too much.

Ok, you get the picture, we’re talking total dirt bag…..

Until last night, Izzy doesn’t even comprehend the magnitude of the evilness of this man.

Note the words “until last night.”

In season 12, Lord knows how many Dallas episodes we’ve combed through, Izzy finally comes face to face with JR’s cruel and relentless behavior. It was in a scene where he is finally letting Sue Ellen leave SouthFork Ranch; why he’s even helping her by tossing her designer clothes over the balcony. One after the other, thousand dollar dresses shoot over the railing. And then she gets it:

The evilness of JR finally shines through when JR throws Sue Ellen’s make up box ~ AKA her caboodle ~ Izzy’s most prized possession in her 12 year old world~ over the balcony. Izzy watched in horror as the caboodle sailed over; spilling all it’s contents on the patio. Izzy jumps to her feet and with a clenched fist, shouts fiercely at our tv:

“Did you see that momma? Can you believe it????? JR just threw her caboodle over the railing!!!!!!! How mean!!!”

And after all his shenanigans, that’s the meanest thing JR has done?????????????????????

UMMMMMMM…Maybe it’s time we find another mother daughter show to share………………

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