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Making Memories On St. Patricks Day

I am Sooo excited to have my blog back after a severe case of being hacked. Or at least I think I have it back.  I’m still getting these random e mails from freaks with names like Ezekiel43521 and or / pencilbreath491 and jamaurshorts6677 that have placed themselves as my ‘new site admin’.  Ugg. Nevertheless, I (for now) have my blog back and can return to blogging.  PHEW!  BTW: While reading, you may find several typos and mispellings.  Sorry.  For some reason, I can’t get my spell check to work.  Sheesh!  So with this said…

Let the St. Patrick’s Day CELEBRATION  begin!

I have placed a picture on my blog of Miss Sassy Pants, AKA Reidy, my sweet six year old niece. Here she is at the Savannah Ga parade exhibiting her St. Patrick’s Day spirit.  Since I do not have inlaws that live on the back waters in a beautiful home on Savannah Ga, I have to live vicariously through my brother who does.  Every year they head down to the coast and live their green day to the fulliest.  I am extremely jealous as this is the only kind of celebrating I did:

This came from a recipe I found on line from  It’s called White Godiva Martini Cake.  It took me the better part of my day to prepare it; probably because I didn’t have any of the necessary items. (I’ve been cooking my fanny off so I was low on cooking items and had to make at least 3 separate trips to the grocery store.  Still, I wanted my babies to have a special St. Patrick’s Day experience. 

It was such a beautiful day outside, I could have stayed outside and played in my garden, but those memories, I told myself I was making fabulous life long memories for my children.  I can hear them years from now:

“Remember when mommy made that yummy green cake?? She worked on it all day long.  She’s the bestest mommy ever!!” 

Even though I was plagued with spring fever, I compromised.  I flipped all my windows open for fresh spring air – ok, partly for that and partly because I kept catching my house on fire.  FYI: don’t turn on your self clean option for your oven thirty minutes before you plan on baking.  I don’t care how much you try to reason with the ole battalack, the door ain’t opening! Very frustrating!  It also catches little grease puddles and boy howdy – do those suckers stink when being burned off.  Neverthless, I wanted to do something memorable for my children, you know, on account of them NOT having grandparents that live on the bluff of Savannah Ga?  Most of my Sunday, I continued on with my high dollar, high maintence green St. Patricks Day cake.  At 6:00, my scrumptous dessert I slaved over prepared for sweet innocent babes was finally complete.

And I bet you’re thinking they lapped up that laborous cake like two hungry dogs, right?


THEM: “Momma, we’re not trying to hurt your feelings but….it’s well….green.”

ME: “Well, of course it’s green!  It’s green so you can be in the St. Patricks Day spirit.  I don’t want y’all to feel like you’re missing out.  Go ahead! Dig in!” I say jumping in delight at my fine cooking skills.

THEM: “Errr ummmm.  It looks like mold.”

ME:  “My cake looks like mold? “No, silly, it’s really a White Godiva Martini Cake. Yea, it’s green but mommy had to go to 2 different stores for the green food coloring. She wanted it to be extra green!

THEM:  “Martini cake??!!  Are you trying to get us drunk? What’s up with that mom??!!”

Long sighs, eye rolling and looks of extreme disappointment…

ME:  “No, no.  The liquor cooks out in the oven, if you would just try one lil bite, I  -”

THEM: “You know momma, you probably need to take a bath, you have green cake stuff all in your hair….”

and then…

THEM: “But…Thanks for the cake, Momma.  I think I will just have a pop tart for dessert.”

ME: “Excuse me??!!! A pop tart?!  You’re not going to even try my green cake?  Mommy worked very hard on it!”

THEM: “Yea, well, it certainly smelled like you were working very hard, that’s for sure.  Something has been smelling very bad all day.  Maybe it was all that liquor you put in it, I don’t know.  Say, did you catch the oven on fire again?  How about this, we’ll try your green cake another day.  Okay, momma?”

So, 22 hours later, my green St. Patricks Day cake still sits.  I even set it on it’s cute lil cake perch that I recently bought from TJ Maxx.  It’s Untouched.  It’s Uneaten.  Oh, pardon me.  One slice is gone.  I gave to my neighbor, Marti.  She graciously tried my cake.  She said it was fabulous so I’m including the recipe on my recipes page.

 Bon Appetit!







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