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MIA Bloggette has Returned

Yup. I have been MIA.

But I have a fabulous excuse.  It would be called….well, ummmmmm, ok. It’s called life.

For starters, I’ve been crazy busy getting Jake ready to go on his first missions trip to the “most dangerous government projects in Baltimore.” Jake and about 10 other kids ministered to the children who lived in these projects for four days. They gave them a party in the streets, cleaned up the trash littered throughout the neighborhood and even did little skits for the children. For one skit, Jake was Jesus. Like the beard?

I get my son back all safe and sound only to discover that Bear’s rump bump is still there…and growing. :( I took him to the vet on friday. Hyper and hopping around like he’s been inhaling 17 margaritas, the vet tells Izzy and I “This dog is one happy dog! He doesn’t even know that he’s sick. But Sissie, I’ll be honest with you…”

I hate when people say that, don’t you?

He continues. “The truth is, your dog has cancer. Take Bear home, feed him a steak dinner and then haul him to the lake. When he starts acting like he’s in pain and making mistakes in the house, it will be time to …..bring him back.”

Photo: Bear and his new cone. Número 4!
None of us liked the idea of EVER having to bring Bear back.
UGGG! We are so hoping we will never see that vet again :(

Anyhow, I wouldn’t have done anything until Jake gets back Washington DC next week.

Which reminds me…. another reason I’ve been MIA: Getting Jake ready to go to his leadership conference. We have been TJ maxxing, Marshalling, and then Dillardsing. Who woulda thought my child only had two pairs of non holey pants? They aren’t allowed to where holey attire at a Future Leaders of America Conference so Jake now has a brand new wardrobe. Sorta.


Isn’t my future leader handsome?

Wonder if they will teach him that sticking one’s tongue out for a photograph is quite unattractive for future leaders?


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