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 A word from Bella Blue Boxenberry:

Hey there sassy lady, future bestest friend ever!!  My name is Bella Blue Boxenberry and I would be so pleased if you could possibly take time from your busy and hurried schedule to…plop your lil self down, come hang with me and listen to some Bella Blue Babblings!
First of all, I’d like to tell you a little about me and my own book. (Yep, my own book, my friend!) I’m a self proclaimed priss-pot, firecracker, and drama queen. After nearly a year of careful planning and endless practicing, I am like ‘uber confident’ that I’m gonna be the winner of our 7th annual ice skate-a-thon. Then, disaster strikes!!!!!!! I can’t tell you what; but let’s put it this way: I’m on restriction and I’m in BIG trouble!!!
Even though I’m irritable, my goofy brother Homer is getting on my ever last nerve and everybody else is having like ‘some ultra terrific day’ and mine is DRAT, I still start my day with a prayer.

I ask the Lord “to please make something wonderful for me,” and even go so far as to give the BIG GUY some helpful suggestions of what would make my day go more smoothly. Such as… (Nah, I can’t tell you that part but it’s pretty funny!)
I bout near faint when my daddy tells me that I’ve got the ‘can’t help its’ ~(ever heard of those??? If nothing else, you’ll want to know what those are and how to get rid of them!!) Next, my daddy throws out some ‘insane super duper out of space’ suggestions for my day to go better. They include….. (Oops, gotta read the book!)

Just so you know, I’m not liking my daddy’s crazy ideas so I just take the bull by the nostrils and try to come up with three ways to make my day nothing short of fantastic. Unfortunately, My ideas fall apart faster than ice cream melts on a hot rock on an August afternoon.

Then I meet “HER.” AKA: The Bubble Flip Babe.
After this happens, well, that’s where things really get sticky.
Ya wanta know why,?

Nah – can’t tell ya, I seriously don’t want to spoil the book! 🙂
I will tell you this; my dratted blah blah day turns LOCO! It involves lizards, a blue boa, one pair of fancy smancy ice skates, a BIG box of potato chips, a one*eyed puppy dog, A chic who sports one crazzzzzzy hair do and…. a winner.
Come read about my over the top, life changing day and how I survive the catastrophe of all catastrophes!!

Talk soon,

TaTa and kisses!!!!!

About Bella Blue Boxenberry:

I am currently a student at Willy Billy Middle School. I am studying to be an airplane pilottress. If this does not pan out, I will investigate becoming a professional window washer. Let’s see…there’s so much to say about lil’ ole me. I luv banana Popsicles; I am obsessive about hair spray. I live in my purple Ugg boots, except in the dead of summer when I wear my hot pink and green polka dotted flip flops. Sequins, sparkles and glitter are all things good in my world. I’d rather be ice skating on the most beautiful rinks in New York City but will settle for any ole frosted over muddle puddle. Just as long as I’m skating. I never have been to the beach and honestly, I don’t really want to go. Ever!! It might make me sweat. Ewww! I can’t stand when people eat on the phone, pop their bubble gum and spitting in public gets on my nerves too. Big fan of Katy Perry (it must be her blue hair). I’m definitely a morning person which totally gets on my brothers nerves. YAY! I am a fabulous cook and can make two dishes. The color chartreuse makes me smile. I’m very passionate about never wearing the same outfit twice; pineapple and pepperoni pizza rocks! My favorite flowers are bright red tulips. My room is covered in roses and I’m never ever gonna change it! I could not live without my Paris Amore scented antibacterial hand sanitizer. I’m dying and I do mean dying to go to Paris one day and learn to make creme brule, it’s the bomb!!!! One thing you might not know about me: when I’m 92, I’m gonna go cage diving with the great whites off of Cape Town, South Africa. When I am a mother and bake cookies with my daughter, I will let her eat all the cookie dough she wants. I love calligraphy; always wanted a furry sloth…not so much anymore.


About Sissie Dale:

Sissie Dale has been writing books ever since she got a firm grip on her mother’s ruby red lipstick and began to scribble out fine literature on her bedroom wall.
Sissie has always wanted to be a writer, even when she was too little to spell. It wasn’t until she was 35 that Sissie finally got up the courage to actually send one of her books off to be published.

Bella Blue and a Dratted Blah Blah Day  was released January 1, 2012.

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