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My Calling as a Waffle House Waitress

My 13 yr. old is very upset with me. Apparently, I am “mean to her friends” and I “embarrass her.” Friday night I let her friend Stacey come over to spend the night. From the start, I could tell Stacey was not satisfied with my “food selection.” For instance:
ME: girls, I have homemade spaghetti for dinner or we could call in a pizza. Which one would you like?
STACEY: ummmmmm. Hmmmm. I’ m kinda sick of pizza. Could we make a homemade cheesecake?
ME: Ummmmm. We don’t have all the necessary items to do that and ….
Stacey: Oh well, we’ll just go to the store.
ME: We will? We as in ME?! Babe, it’s 9:20 on a Friday night, if we went to the store right now, we wouldn’t be back till 10:00 before we ever got started. Then after mixing it all together and then baking it, we wouldn’t even be finished until 11:30 or even midnight. We would be extremely tired.
STACEY: So we can’t make a cheesecake?
ME: Errr ummm… No cheesecake.
When nothing I offered Stacy seemed up to par, I gave up and sliced apples. This seemed to please her… Until she got thirsty.
ME: Stacey, we have milk and water. I have to go to the store tomorrow so right now that’s all I have to offer.
STACEY: Oh. Do you have any lemonade?
ME: Ummmmm. Well, I have some pink crystal light I could mix up real quick but that’s about it.
STACEY: Pink lemonade, huh? How about raspberry slushy flavor? Could I have that instead?
ME: uuuuuuuuumm. I can mix up up pink lemonade and that’s the best I can do.

The next morning (or really mid afternoon because they sleep so late) I woke the girls.
ME: Good morning ladies! For breakfast I have buttermilk biscuits with fresh fruit or homemade pancakes. Which one would you like?
STACEY: Could I have a waffle?

Irritated and had about enough of all this…. I put my hands on my hips and tell lil Stacey the truth.

ME: Sugar, you ain’t sitting in the Waffle House where you place your order of anything you want. Now I have biscuits or pancakes. Which one?
STACEY: I guess biscuits.
So I get out the blueberries, cantaloupe, slice up strawberries and even have mandarin oranges all displayed nicely in pretty lil bowls. I drag out my white lace place mats and find matching glasses so their table will be bright and cheery πŸ™‚ I pour the girls some orange juice and call them in. They ooohhh and ahhhh at the table and quickly sit down.

ME: Alrighty, here is the butter and I have plenty of jelly. We have grape, apple, raspberry and pepper jelly.
STACEY: May I have apple jelly instead?

My eyes lower into cat slits and I stare the lil girl down. But I’m not rude or snippy. I simply remind her of our earlier conversation.
ME: Remember how we talked about this NOT being a Waffle House?
STACEY: Yes ma’am
ME: Alrighty, Good. Which jelly would you like?
STACEY: Grape.
So needless to say, Izzy thinks I am mean and heartless to her friends. What was the little girl expecting, a foot massage? Good grief!!
And I have to ask…. Is it just me? Or is this lil girl just spoiled? Should I have been more accommodating or was I too accommodating and made it easier for her to just ask for more and more?!?!? Lastly, does my daughter have such nerve and ill manners when she is at others houses?
Certainly better not be………..I’ll swat her with my silver spatula! πŸ™‚


4 Responses to My Calling as a Waffle House Waitress

  • You did the right thing! My daughter had a friend just like that. When she came to our house she expected me to bring her to the grocery store so that she could pick out suitable snacks for the night! Ha! Not gonna happen! Love the “This isn’t a Waffle House” line. Kids.

    • Sissie Dale says:

      I know, right?! Hahahahahaha! You wonder where they get all that nerve? Oh well….I always wonder if my own kids are doing something weird at their friends houses and I just haven’t been told πŸ™‚

  • susanna says:

    Is this story real? I honestly keep thinking you are either exaggerating, or this girl is from a very, privileged family?

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