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New Orleans Missions

IMG_3029.JPG The problem? Poison.

It happens to the best of best with highest of intentions…..  At 5:00am, Sunday morning, I rallied to finish packing for my mission trip. By 8:00 am, we are in a caravan; scooting down the highway headed to help hose in need.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a dead house guest. (Too much poison) It is a bit humbling here and I noticed, My daughter, Izzy, ain’t happy.
It started when I informed her that It would be a 9 1/2 hour drive and that no cell phones would be allowed. You woulda thought the child was heading to her own hanging.

Neither one of us are sure of what to expect here in NOLA, this is a trip I signed us up for several months ago when I thought we needed to keep our minds busy.   Low and behold, the day sneaks up on us and ya know what? We had plenty to keep our minds busy. 😂

IMG_3031.JPGAll went well and the long ride wasn’t too bad. The car went caput on the way to New Orleans. But we made it regardless.

We are here to help rebuild houses after the Katrina catastrophe 10 years ago.  There are 11 of us from Augusta, several others from various church’s: Atlanta, Oregon, Virginia and somewhere else, I’m not sure. Set in a schedule of daily chores, we wake at 6:15 to start breakfast, morning meetings and lunch prep.
Side note: Now, I gotta confess: I was very impressed that grape jelly actually comes in a very large can.

We headed to the work site where we poured a concrete slab for a sidewalk and the girls painted trim.






I have continued on with my project, although, I don’t feel the urge to get down on my knees to pray for those I am trying to forgive. Why?

1. Because everybody would think they were rooming with a freak should I drop to my knees.

2. Because that roach I pictured has already invited two other friends to the party and I believe it would prove to be quite distracting kneeling on the floor…..


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