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Nibblings for the Neighbors

The Messy Chefettes strike again!! PBC and Flibbertigibbet are let loose in the kitchen to dip bugles
And chocolate mint truffles
Dipping chocolate by Bakers: SO much easier than the ole fashion way ~ with chocolate chips, powered sugar, milk, and a double boiler that would get so hot and burn when left accidentally unattended…
Look how cute they turn out
Neighbor Nibblings Galore!

Preparation ~
Truffles: 1 8 oz cream cheese 1 package of mint oreos ~ blend in a mix master Add together and set in frig for 20 minutes Take out and roll into balls. Put back into frig for 20 minutes Warm up your dipping chocolate We use tooth picks to stick in the truffle and dip. Sit in frig uncovered till ready to serve
Bugals and Strawberries: Take ‘em outta the bag and dip em!
Warning: bath may be needed due to excess warm gooey choclate spillage

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