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On A Quest To Eat An Elephant

I am on a quest for organization in my life.  Problem is, things are so unorganized around here, it’s hard to know where to begin. I want to take better pictures for my blog and I know I need to be using my digital camera and I totally plan on soon as I find that lil joker. Also, my recipes are in a catastrophe! Even the ones in the book are in a mess. I have to ask: when one has 20 different recipe books, how does one tell exactly which recipe is in which book???  It’s a dilemma.  And those passwords, don’t even get me started……I make them up and think to myself “oh I will so not forget that one, it’s so obvious!!!!!!!!” The only obvious thing is well…. it’s obvious I can’t remember all those dern passwords!  Yesterday was trying to get my book signings organized and after 10 hours, I had called, emailed and researched about 15 different festivals/book fairs and author events.  Now who was that contact person for the Macon one?  What the Atlanta one? Who recommended that one? I know for a fact that it was a sure thing…. wasn’t it? I’m in the process of having somebody totally renovate my blog and combine it with a website and all day long I had been driving her crazy with 1000000000 questions. Questions such as “now how did you say I make a post on wordpress?” I’ve been reading and studying blogger for dummies for 6 months, but the good news is I do already have a book wordpress for dummies and I’m totally planning on reading it…. as soon as I find that lil sucker!!!!! I needed to take a break so I decided to go to CVS, after all, I had a fabulous coupon and had been saving it. It’s saved alright….somewhere….. Right before I went to bed, I felt like there was something I didn’t do that I was so planning….what was it?  It’s driving me crazy!!!!! Oh doodle! I forgot to go to my Bible study class. This is like only the tip of the tail of the elephant that I’m needing to eat …and we all know what they say about how to eat an elephant…. one toe nail at a time…

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