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Proud to be yo momma

The frantic text was sent at 6:36 a.m.: BEAR DIED??????

“WHOA! I promise you son, I would tell you if Bear had…. already …. you know…died.”


And then I start thinking, since when do my children bother to show support by reading my blogs? ”I thought you never read mom’s blog posts anyway. Where’s all this new-found loyalty coming from anyway?” I ask.

A choked up Jake admits “Well, actually, I don’t but when it pops up on my phone with the first sentence saying “I never would’ve given my son a dog only for it to die 7 years later” …and I , I do you promise he’s not ………yet?”

GAH, I feel like a heel.

“I promise. he’s right here, stinking up my bedroom.” Currently. Jake is in Wagner SC with his father’s family this week so I think he’s scared he lost Bear while he was gone. He will be home later today and then we’ll get him all packed up for a missions trip in Baltimore. This is his first missions trip, I’m so proud of him!!!!!! He will be back in four days and then he will be flying solo as he heads to Washington DC for a leadership conference. This conference was pretty costly and after a trip to France, I told Jake “we might have to pass on this one.”

But the conference meant a lot to him so Jake paid half of the cost of his own leadership conference. Ummmmmmm, once again, am I a proud momma?


I have jake call me this morning after all our texting/blogging talk because I can tell he’s still a lil shaken by my earlier blog post.

“And you promise?” Were the first words outta his mouth.

So, I take a lil video for Jake to prove Bear is still with us. Cone and all…….



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