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Rocking in Church

My children were raised in our home church for 12 years. We sat in the same seat of the same row nestled in the same cacoon.

One of the biggest decions I’ve ever made was to break out of that cacoon and switch churches.  I loved my church. I knew my church. They knew me.

I was deeply involved; I felt as though these people were family. How can one abandon their family?
After all, I was a Sunday school teacher, a Bible study leader, a Stephen’s minister, VBS worker, and oh yeah ~ I volunteered…

A lot.

But then it happened.

Doesn’t it always have to happen?

My son turns 14 and then ~ he starts to buck the sameness of the system.

“I’m bored. I’m not going. Nope. Nada. Never again.”

I could tell he meant it. STAL can be so dern stubborn…wonder where that trait comes from ~ UGGG!
It is then that we began as a family ~ tiny but mighty ~ to visit other churches.
This was NOT an easy process:

#1 Too loud

#2 Chairs too hard

#3 Didn’t feel at home

#4 Liked ok, but not a fit.

Started as a family to feel sad. :(

#5 Return to home church ….STALLESS

#6 Visited Stevens Creek ….and here we are today…

If you think I’m being over zealous and question WHY anyone would leave their safe puffy cacoon, look over at your lil princess and prince. Don’t you want your own lil prince and Princess to love church the way you do?

And if it takes rocking out sunday mornings then by all means….

Rock on…..

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