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Savannah Smiles

Savannah is not just a famous cemetery that John Cusak used to hang out in the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil nor is just where Tom Hanks plopped his tush down on a bench in the movieForest Gump.  Savannah is much more than that.  First and foremost, Savannah is HISTORIC! Everything from its bed and breakfasts: Whitaker Inn, Kehoe House, Hamilton – Turner Inn, Ballastone Inn, Carriage House, Conferderate House, Dresser Palmer House, Foley House Inn, the list of places to park your own tush is endless. Personally, I love the 24 squares. Situated right smack dab in the middle of downtown Savannah, the squares hold reminders of days past. During the development of the city in 1733, Oglethorpe built six of the original squares: Johnson Square, Wright Square, Ellis Square, Telfair Square, Oglethorpe Square, and Reynolds Square. Wondering about all this fine knowledge I’m spewing out? OK,  Yes, I am cheesy and proud of it: I took the carriage driven tours. How else would I know that the squares were used as communal activities, such as gathering water and baking bread, celebrating holidays, victories and many more activities??? The squares were also used as gathering places from those outside the city for protection in time of attack. They are beautiful with their massive oaks that drip in spanish moss. Aside from Historic squares there are museums, romantic dimly lit restaurants and 200 year old churches. Civil War history drips from every inch of Savannah Ga. And yes, the cemeteries.  When I die, I would like to be buried in the Bonadventure Cemetary by the sea:
Ok, enough talking about me dying. Planning my own burial is starting to make me sad, so let’s move on to my FAVORITE in Savannah, that which totally makes for Savannah smiles :)
The antebellum homes in Savannah!! They are magnificent:

This one is my winter home.

Yea right, my fanny.

Actually, This one is mine:

Liar, liar, my fannie’s on fire.

Ok, so I don’t own a beautiful home is Savannah quite yet, but I’m making a plan.  Until then, I will be dreaming and wishing AND hanging close to friends who already do have beautiful homes in Savannah GA such as this one:

Awwwwwwwww, the back waters of Savannah Ga…. Pure bliss.

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