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Southern Agendas for Southern Belles

What ever happened to summer camp?

You know, the communing with nature? Ummm, yea, those days are gone. Izzy and Bella are very busy this summer. First of all, they are big into the multi colored hair thing. I’m just big on the big hair. This weeks flavor would be magenta for the girl’s hair color. I had hoped to get these lil girls into drama camp but that was a no go. “mom, we are too old for camp, it’s just childish.”

“Camp is childish? But how are y’all going to entertain yourselves this summer?” I ask.

They found their source of entertainment:

Meet Marti. Mother of Bella. She has now been given the never-ending duty of being chief hair colorist for Izzy and Bella.


When these jokers are not coning Marti into dyeing their hair the shades of a rainbow, they are keeping us both on the roads. Between ULTA and Target, I think I could very well go in the PO house by the end of the summer. Oh and the TOMS store.

I ordered these shiny treasures online and when they came in, they were too big. ”momma, even YOU could ware these things, they’re so big.” Gee whiz. thanks, babe. So we sent them back. For a fee, mind you.  Then we exchanged them again for a smaller pair. When they came in too small, I was told, “oh momma, these things are cutting off my circulation, please get me a pair that actually fit.”  The third time around, they were ‘just a lil snug momma.” So ummmmm, yeah, we sent off for the next size up. By this time, I realized I had probably bought an entire other pair of TOMS just in shipping charges. We kept the next pair when they were “just a little too big.” seriously, between you and me, they were the original size that I ordered. GAH!

Don’t even get me started with the ULTA store. AKA: make up galore. you would think it was a free chocolate candy store with the way she begs me to take her. As a result, we never leave ULTA unless we are at least $78.00 in the hole. It’s just a given. “But it can be for my birthday in September…….” Izzy tells me.

Yeah, right. Izzy’s celebrated her birthday about 57 different times in the ULTA store alone so far this summer.

And let’s not forget the baking recipes she finds for me to create.

Yep, this is the culprit. In the last few weeks, we’ve discovered Pink Fairy Ice Cream Cupcakes. hint : the ice cream melts and they taste like pink lemonade slush. Then we tried Frosty Fairy Mints. Which melt in your mouth and in your hands. Next came Butterfly Fairy Masks. These are cookies and unless you’re a very patient cookie chief with three degrees at a world-renowned cookie academy, the only mask you’ll end up seeing is the mask of colored sugar crumbs that are melted all over you. (not the cookie.) The last recipe was a Snow Queen Punch. Now, this one, I could actually make turn out ok. It’s pretty cute too. I thought the sugar was gonna be a bear to find but we discovered it at Michaels. I’m sure Hobby Lobby has blue sugar too. I took a picture of the girls sipping their Snow Queen Punch last night and was going to post it but I havent had time to upload my pics…on account of time shortage and all……

Snow Queen Punch:

2 liter of sprite

1 lemon

1 lime

2-3 drops blue food coloring

blue sugar to dip your glasses in.

2 cups of frozen blueberries

combine and enjoy!!!!


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