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Bible Study

A Whisper

I’ll just be dead on honest….  I didn’t feel like going to my Bible study tonight. There was another party that seemed a lil more intriguing not to mention my fluffy yellow sofa.  It was looking pretty inviting if I do say so myself. Besides that, it was raining and I hate driving in the rain. I felt bad for leaving Jake because he is still so sad about Bear. Oh yes, I could come up with at least five other reasonable excuses of not going: Big day tomorrow at a writers workshop…’s the last day of school for the kids….I’m tired….I haven’t even read the lesson for tonight……I need to clean out my closet…..curl my eyelashes… name a few.

Which I did a loud to Jake. “To make matters worse, I have to go early because I told my friend I need to borrow her book to finish the lesson.”

“Then why are you going if you don’t want to?” Jake asks me as I’m applying my mascara.

“Because I said I would and when you tell somebody you are going to do something, you shouldn’t go back on your word.”

“Humf.” Jake is not impressed with my code of honor.  “It’s raining outside, you’d better take an umbrella.”

Don’t be impressed, I’m far from being a saint who always does what she is supposed to. It’s just that I just had this feeling that I should go.  Why, I don’t know. I knew that at least 12 other women would be there. I was sure I wouldn’t be missed. Or would I?

It was a gentle whisper that told me to go. So I did.

When I get to my friend’s house, she opens the door and I can instantly tell she is sad.

“I’m so glad you are here!”  She tells me. “We’ve been at the doctor today, the news about my husband’s cancer is not good.”

And so… we talked, I hugged her tight and reminded her that I am always here for her, that cancer diagnoses aren’t always death diagnoses…

We had or lil Bible study and I was home just short of two hours later.

So, So, So glad I listened to that lil whisper.

As the Holy Spirit says, “If you hear God speak today, don’t be stubborn.” ~ Hebrews 3:7