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Egg Nog

Christmas 2012

We – meaning Izzy, Jake, The Honey (my man) and The Honey’s lil honey (my man’s lil girl) started off our Christmas season with preparing ginger bread houses.

They were all so excited when we headed off to the Honey’s farm and pulled out 900 lil cups filled high with gum drops, mini jaw breakers, mints, candy canes, marshmallows, m&m’s and all kinds of assorted goodies.  After 7 minutes, the kids have eaten most of the candy, too full to eat their dinner and have developed intestinal issues due to the fact that they all over indulged in eating the ginger bread decor…consequently, they become bored and find much more entertainment in dangling their tiny bodies from the second story loft that has yet to have a railing installed.

Next came the decorating of our tree.  I love, love, love our family tree.  Its so crazy with it’s  Whoville feel….

Izzy and Jake were so excited to have together time.  For weeks, they promised to help momma decorate both of our massive trees.  Our long anticipated night started off with eggnog sprinkled with cinnamon, homemade baked chicken with au jus, and crispy french bread for dipping….

 Like our family produced Christmas decor?

Jealous that we had a night of family together time wrapping 100’s of gifts, stuffing stockings to the rim, hanging glass ornaments… all complete with a succulent meal?

Don’t be.

Within 3 minutes and only two ornaments hung, somehow something ‘very urgent’ developed in both of my children’s lives and I was left decorating the tree all by my self watching Mad Men on netflix; sipping red wine… then spiked eggnog doused with whipped cream.

Oh and that delicious dinner?  Burnt to a crisp…

Nevertheless,  Christmas morning came and what parent doesn’t want to surprise their babies?

She looks surprised, yes?

This is my sweet 13 year old as she opens the box to an I phone 5.  I’m thinking this is right before she is realizing that the phone box is indeed empty.  (Sorry babe).  The real surprise comes later when we wait for AMEX to give a their fabulous 40% off deal on phones.  In order for a single momma to be able to surprise her daughter with such a nice gift, many hoops had to jumped through.  For instance: I used the remainder of my American Express points….every lily living last one of them.  The best surprise is: I was given 30,000 points for just trying a Platinum card and when I called to cancel it for my regular gold card, I was also refunded my yearly Amex fee.  Such a sweet surprise, thank you Amex.

This is the backs of the heads of my precious neice and nephew, Sim and KR. They are total Muffins!  I woulda taken more pictures of our family not to mention the beautiful table filled with scrumptious food but I was too busy making that so called ‘scrumptious food’.  Sheesh.  I have now appointed the Honey as the new picture taker at all important events.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, this unpleasant photograph was taken without my knowledge or consent.

This is the pic of my tush….

Talk about getting no respect….

Egg Knock You Over, It’s So Good!

Candy canes, whipped creme and Cinnamon Add personal fave spikage if so desire. NOTE: Stay clear of Lucifer until Christmas has passed ~ FYI: Lucifer is my scale. He’s extremely rude and nasty acting. Especially over the holidays! Avoid Lucifer at all costs!