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The Rocks Will Do a Girl In

I’ve been meaning to publish this post for father’s day, but I had to wait until my fingers had feeling back in them. For a special dinner, I grilled out for the Honey and his lil girl. I wanted to make something special for him… so I scoured all my favorite recipe books and came across something that looks YUM.
Unfortunately, sometimes, YUM = trouble.
For instance, I discovered this recipe called Sweet Tea Brine Chicken with Cinnamon Spice Rub.
Now, maybe I was doing something wrong. There’s gotta be a reason this recipe was difficult. Maybe I shoulda, I dunno, ummm….
Like… started three weeks earlier?
Good grief.
After going to the grocery store 5 (no jiving 5 times), making the brine (from scratch), throwing together the rub, squealing in horror very loudly because I discovered that I would have to cut up the chicken myself (this seems very in-humane and believe me, it is), throughly cleaning my abode by kicking the dust bunnies back under the couch, covering five rocks from my yard with heavy-duty tin foil (I can totally explain…..) changing outfits three different times, setting the table, shaving my legs, making two flower arrangements, I was:
completely pooped and ready to go straight to bed all prepared for my honey.
I’m not gonna supply the recipe for the Sweet Tea Brine chicken.  basically, you brine the chicken, and then put a rub on it and grill. You kinda flatten it by putting rocks on it (they said bricks but all I had were rocks) to squish it down to hold flavor in? Who knows.
Yes, it was pretty good but I’m not sure it was worth the blood (mine from cutting my finger slicing that dern chicken) sweat (yep, mine as well, this endeavor took many, many, many, hours to create, and tears (oh welp, mine too as I dropped one of the tin foil covered rocks on my feet as well as pinched my fingers up under another while trying to cover that lil sucker.
Nevertheless, the Grilled Panzanella Salad was delicious so that’s the recipe I will share with you. It is so worth the time, you gotta try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!