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Single mom running late

MIA Bloggette has Returned

Yup. I have been MIA.

But I have a fabulous excuse.  It would be called….well, ummmmmm, ok. It’s called life.

For starters, I’ve been crazy busy getting Jake ready to go on his first missions trip to the “most dangerous government projects in Baltimore.” Jake and about 10 other kids ministered to the children who lived in these projects for four days. They gave them a party in the streets, cleaned up the trash littered throughout the neighborhood and even did little skits for the children. For one skit, Jake was Jesus. Like the beard?

I get my son back all safe and sound only to discover that Bear’s rump bump is still there…and growing. :( I took him to the vet on friday. Hyper and hopping around like he’s been inhaling 17 margaritas, the vet tells Izzy and I “This dog is one happy dog! He doesn’t even know that he’s sick. But Sissie, I’ll be honest with you…”

I hate when people say that, don’t you?

He continues. “The truth is, your dog has cancer. Take Bear home, feed him a steak dinner and then haul him to the lake. When he starts acting like he’s in pain and making mistakes in the house, it will be time to …..bring him back.”

Photo: Bear and his new cone. Número 4!
None of us liked the idea of EVER having to bring Bear back.
UGGG! We are so hoping we will never see that vet again :(

Anyhow, I wouldn’t have done anything until Jake gets back Washington DC next week.

Which reminds me…. another reason I’ve been MIA: Getting Jake ready to go to his leadership conference. We have been TJ maxxing, Marshalling, and then Dillardsing. Who woulda thought my child only had two pairs of non holey pants? They aren’t allowed to where holey attire at a Future Leaders of America Conference so Jake now has a brand new wardrobe. Sorta.


Isn’t my future leader handsome?

Wonder if they will teach him that sticking one’s tongue out for a photograph is quite unattractive for future leaders?


Makin Aiken

I woke up this morning at 4:45 thinking I would be able to work on my book for ‘the two hours’ I promised myself I would do. And I did. Sorta. Of course, I wasted time found time to cook a fat daddy breakfast for Izzy and her friend, then Jake. Next I decided Jake might be hungry while the girls and I were gone for a planned shopping trip to Aiken, SC, so I cooked him dinner too.

Me thinks me may have been procrastinating.

I tend to do that. Just a bit.

After writing for a while, I decided to see if possibly my bed was as comfy as when I left it just hours before.

It was.

That very well could’ve made me a lil late for the shopping trip.

I jump up, take my bath, tell Izzy and her bestest friend, Bella, if they’ve GOT to dye their hair pink this exact morning, then they need to put a move on it.

“We gotta leave my house by 12:30 to pick up my honey’s daughter by 1:00 to be makin Aiken in order to meet another web designer!”

Oh, wait, did you hear me say web designer? Seriously? Yep. another one. This only makes FIVE that I’ve hired.

No, I’m not addicted to web designers. I promise.

So all the sudden, Izzy and her pink hair strands are MIA somewhere in the neighborhood, Jake is wanting to know if he can be dropped off at his friend, Joshua’s, house which of course is nowhere near the Honey’s house. (where I’m actually heading) So the heat is now on to get outta there before these people I live with can conjure up more for me to do for them.

Just kidding.

Not really.  So, I’ve got the girls in the car , along with their pink wet hair and Jake all packed ready to spend the night. Then Jake’s cell phone rings and it’s Joshua. He tells Jake “errr, ummm, mom said you can’t spend the night because we are going to a baseball game at 4.” I heard Jake say “Well, can’t I come with you??” and then “It’s ok man, I understand. Talk to you later.”

“Nevermind. He tells me. I’m not going on to Joshua’s.” That is soooooooo rude!!! Why couldn’t they take my baby too? What is up with those people???

So by now it’s too late to turn around. The Honey’s daughter is waiting on me and his sitter leaves by 1:00.

DRATS!!!!!!!! Must make good time in order to reach small nine year old child so we won’t find her sitting under a tree quietly sipping a juice box….alone….must make good time….

Must speed.  Jake was driving at first, but I make him pull over because I need to speed make good time. So we quickly pull over and switch places. Then I had to make a little short speech about “Do as I say not as I do.”

Jake was very impressed at how well I take those corners….

I call the honey and tell him I might be 5, 10, 15, well 20 minutes late. Yep. I’m looking real responsible right about now……I’m late picking up the Honey’s most prized possession.


I FINALLY get the honey’s baby and we take off towards Aiken to meet Kelly. (MY new web designer).  I feel bad for Jake because he certainly doesn’t want to go shopping with a bunch of chicks.

“Call your grandmother, Flora. She lives in Aiken, y’all can hang out. He sits there for a minute. Are you like hearing me?? Call Flora.”

“I am thinking if you don’t mind, I’m trying to think if she’s gonna get on my nerves or not. Guh!!!! This day is ruined!!!”

I pull into downtown Aiken where I see Kelly and her husband. I wave furiously as to not let Kelly know how rushed, flushed and haggard I am at trying to actually make our appointment.

I’m sure she thinks I am a goof with 900 children pouring out of my vehicle. “ok, somebody get my purse.” I lovingly call over my shoulder. We get to a cute cupcake shop and I tell the girls if they are good sweet, and quiet during my meeting, I will bribe them with buy them a cupcake and then a full day of shopping/girl time. So they are excited and start scouring the cupcake counter. When I go to pull out my purse, I say “Ok, which one of you has my purse?”

“Not me.”


“No mam.”


I left my stinkin purse at home. 50 minutes away.

So, the girls pooled their allowances together (all their hard-earned monies) and bought their owncupcakes. Such a champion mom, I am. We shopped throughout the day (with their money) When 6:00 rolls around and those babies are hungry, the Honey’s daughter (who had the biggest stash of cash due to an accumulation of birthday and Christmas funds), paid for all of our dinners….oh yeah, mom’s looking like a real…LOOSER right about now……