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Terminating the Exterminator

This lil guy is MUCH cuter than my bug boy.  Actually, I thought of choosing a pic that truly captures how I feel about my exterminator, but staring at a roach was starting to make me have a touch of nausea.


And so does my exterminator.

So I terminated him.

Along with his company/contract.

Let me explain: I ignored his nosey, personal questions at first.  What a pest, I would think to myself, don’t let the goof bother you.  But after the seventh visit, with the seventh wad of personal questions, I decided bug boy was getting well….too creepy.  Sorta like a creepy crawlie 700000000 footed millipede.



Woof!!! Makes ya want to jump up and squish him, yes??

I squished and squashed, alright. I told bug boy and his company to bug off!!!

The problemo?

Isn’t there always?

The lil insects won’t STOP calling me!!!!!!!! I know it has been at least 15 different calls in the last two months. (Must be all those arms.) “Princess Flibbertigibbet, it’s time for your monthly spraying, what time is good for you?”

“No time is good for me!!!  I am no longer using your company.” I tried to be nice the first…..oh what was it… 13 times?

Their response is always the same: “Oh, oh, oh.  Yes, I see that you canceled our service in our computer.  Can I ask Why?”

“UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUmmmmm… what kind of buffoonery is going on around here? Can’t a girl be a lady bug about things and quietly dismiss your company??? Must you continue to buzz my phone lines and annoy me like a, a , a MOSQUITO??????????????????????????????????”

Finally, after call 142, I told the pests the real reason. These insects were getting to be a real bother.

“You psycho bug boy sprayer dude got a lil too personal and I could smell some real bed bug droppings. Therefore, if I get ONE more phone call from this company, I’m calling Better Business Bureau, Amy’s list or is it Craig’s list??? The Wanta, The newspaper, The FBI, The GBI, The IOU, and oh yeah, I’ll put your real name on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

That last blog threat seemed to really scare’em.

I mean seriously, how could it not??? It could ruin their business with ALL of my many readers telling someone who knows someone who knows someone etc NOT to use ARROW Exterminators…

The effects could be devastating or at least very, very annoying…like a swarm of , of, of, gnats.

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