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The Canoe

POINTS Numero 2 & 3:

2. Canoed down Lake Oconee.  This was accomplished the very same weekend  with Vern and Viola.  We were munching on our half-cooked breakfast and I looked over to see some guy canoeing down the lake.  “I want to do that!” I yelped; buttermilk biscuit shooting from my lips.

How many times have we all looked at what somebody else was doing and say aloud or most of the time to ourself…I want that.  I want to do that?

But most times we don’t. We feel like we will look stupid.  (Which we did.) We feel like we don’t have enough experience (which we didn’t and FYI: Do not stand up in a canoe, the stinking thing will flip over) and we just don’t do it.  We sit back and watch others who are more brave and who have actually taken that first step to do something daunting.

Before I could say “Oh no you didn’t” we were in that canoe.  I have to be honest, we looked like a big bunch of fools.  It’s March, mind you and freaking freezing. Here I am in my high-heeled boots and rabbit coat, Vern with her designer Channel purse.  Vern was like absolutely no help with the rowing.  She was much too concerned and scared that her new channel purse would get wet.  She clutched to it mightily you woulda thought it was a gold-plated  newborn child and it was her duty to deliver it to the Pharaoh.  

But you know what?  we did it.

After I conquered this point, I looked up to see buff, tanned bods scoot past me on their bicycles. And then I said those dreaded words…”I want to do that…”

It had been about…300 years…was I too old to ride a bike?

Old Lady Bicycle Wallpaper

 And so we did.  At least two of us did.

One of us (who shall remain nameless, but she’s the same one who drank too many cosmopolitans and took a head dive towards the outside fire the night before) simply rented her bike and parked it.  Evil glares darted from her eyes as she watched us shooting through paths and over bridges.  Here is a point in itself:  She wouldn’t ride the bike because she didn’t feel good about her weight and didn’t think she would be able to keep up.  But if she had just tried, and I’m talking five minutes, she could have given herself that point. 

Vern Excuse me, the person who would’nt ride her bike, was most  unimpressed.

An hour later, fannies aching and burning like we’d been sitting on those burning embers from the outside fireplace, we dismantle our chariots and limped back to the room.

We packed our things and headed home. My lil list of points firmly STILL in hot lil hand….



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