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The Cracking of a Single Momma

There are times in one’s life when one must take drastic measures. And not be embarrassed.  Or shamed. And is this even possible?

When the garbage disposal is broken at 4:59 p.m. on a Friday night and there’s no handy hubbie around to show you his plumbers crack as he twists and turns in angst under your sink; (while fixing your garbage disposal), that pulling out this book might not be so ….

Oh what’s the word….

Degrading? Ok, that word works for me.

It is easy when you are single, which I have been for 11 years now ~ GAH ~ that sounds weird ~ when self pity can creep in.  “Why don’t I have somebody to help around the house when there’s a catastrophe like every one else?” Of course the next self pity question that follows is: “Why does it always have to be so dern hard??”

The answer?

Never fear, the idiots book is near!!!!! That is, unless, you have lost your idiot’s book, like a real idiot, and that garbage disposal stays there stuck and stinking a whole weekend because you don’t want to pay a plumber over time to come out to your house….

But being single and being forgetful of important things is a whole other blog post.  I’ve pulled out my Idiots Household Solutions book twice this week.  The first time my disposal was just stuck and misbehaving (which was very unfortunate because I have just made omelets and the nasty egg shells had to be removed not to mention other foreign debris; by hand.  Woof…..

The second time it broke, I found the culprit right away: a lil purple scrubby brush that had taken its own life when it leapt into the bottomless pit of my disposal. I found his tattered purple body, all mangled and shredded into slivers…

After performing two garbage disposal dissections in two days, I am feeling very satisfied with my self.  Not bad for a flibbertigibbet.

My advice?

Before pulling out your pocket purse and doling out the Benjamin’s, why not pull out:

The complete Idiots Guide to Household Solutions.





Now, I wonder if they have a section on how to get rid of all those sugar ants in PBC’s bathroom??????

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