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The Dungeness On Cumberland Island

I’ve been to Cumberland Island in my life twice. If I could live anywhere in the world, this would be it:

File:Dungeness HABS.jpg
This is the Dungeness located on beautiful Cumberland Island. The 59 room Queen Anne style mansion was built in 1886 by Thomas M. Carnegie where his family lived until 1925. In 1959, a stupid looser poacher burned the mansion to the ground.

Cumberland island lies off the coast of Georgia and is the largest of the states barrier islands and is just under 18 minutes long. You may have heard of Cumberland because John F. Kennedy and his wife Caroline were wed here on the island.

This is the first African Baptist Church where John and Caroline Kennedy were married in  1996. It was cool to go in there and hear about it’s history but the Dungeoness is what captures my heart on Cumberland island.



The Dungeness today. 🙁

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