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The Visit



Friday afternoon was my first hospital visit. I was so excited that I went to six different stores looking for stuffed dogs for the children. In case you’re in the market, Dollar General is the place to go.

The ONLY place.

Not Target. Forget Wallmart. Don’t even waste your time with Hobby Lobby. Zippo at the Christmas Store. Nada at Pier One. Scratch Marshall’s….

You get the picture, I’m just trying to save you the footwork.

My crowd was small with three little ones with even smaller attention spans. They were precious though and climbed the chairs as I spoke with them about having a dratted blah blah day. Most of the children were not there as they felt too bad to leave their rooms or were sleeping. I did, however, have one little girl who was about nine years old. Hanging on my every word,  this lil sweetie gave me her full, undivided attention.

After I was through with my spew, we chatted and hugged and talked about the storm that was brewing outside. It was not long before her grandmother told her that her she needed to get back to her room, that she was “not plugged in.”

I watched as she walked down the hallway; dragging behind her an IV pole, a stuffed dog, play dough and her very own copy of Bella Blue.

I started my usual 40 minute commute home in the downpour of the rain and thought about the visit with lil sweetie the whole way…..

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