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These Feet Ain’t Made for Talking

 I’ve been called hot headed and bull headed but never hot footed. which I was… at 2:47a.m. That’s the exact moment I was awakened by the pitter patter of lil feet. Nope, not Izzy’s. My own.

“Please rub us, we hurt and we’re hot; like little coal embers in the Matriarch’s fireplace.

Flicker Flicker Flicker. Ouch.

“We hurt, momma.  Do something!”

I tried to console them. “Look here Lefty and Righty, go back to sleep, you’ve got a big day tomorrow and I’ll be leaning on you to behave!  Do you understand me?  Now quit bothering me and go back to bed!”

Lefty never listens to me. “I think it was that new pair of shoes you bought the other day at Marshalls.  I told you not to buy them.  They weren’t even your size.  You wear a 7.  These were an 8.  Then you snagged a pair of Jake’s socks to pad the extra room; still we rolled around in those new boots all day.”

“There were so higggghhhh.” Whines Righty.

“Quit your blubbering, both of you!!!!  You both shoulda been very comfy, especially since I had to add all that additional padding!”

“It’s not just the new boots…well……YOU tell her, Lefty.”

“What now???” I ask in exasperation!!!!!

“Well, to be honest with you, it’s your nerves.”

“You mean the ones you both are getting on?”

“No,” Lefty whispers. “I think you worry too much about things that don’t matter.”

I limp to the bathroom; looking for my melatonin with pain meds included. Horrors! All gone! I stare into the loaded medicine cabinet and I say out loud: “At least I have medicine at all.  Some people look in their cabinets and only find leaky faucets.  I’ve got aspirin ~ 3 different different kinds, cough syrup for Izzy and PHEW ~ a stoutly stash of Gas X for Jake when he jumps into the chocolate chip cookies!”
I am thankful that I have the essential medicines I truly need.
“What about the burning?” Righty continues.

“Well, be thankful that both of you are still hooked to my legs.” I tell them. This seems to shut them up….for about 60 seconds. I make my way back to bed and pull Lefty and Righty close to me.

“Let’s stop thinking of what’s wrong and start thinking of what’s right…what we are thankful for…. Duh, it is Thanksgiving… ”
I’m thankful for all my devoted followers…all two of you.

Both of which I had to personally hand plug your names into my followers list (because you are MY CHILDREN!!) Even though I had to barter with Jake to review my posts by scratching his back as he reads. Not to mention Izzy who eagerly awaits the re opening of school so she will not have to help me with my blog any more. (I’ll just wait till you get home, my little pretty!!!!!!)
Nevertheless, I am thankful for my followers.
I am thankful for the food and family we shared dinner with tonight. (it’s only 3:17 wouldn’t it still be tonight vrs. last night?) Despite the fact that I over cooked the cheesecake, broiled the turkey upside down and forgot to remove the giblets bag, dropped the platter of hor derves (why do yall think they were so miss-shapened?  They used to be round before they hit the deck,) and caught the dog drinking from the brine water.
Nevertheless, I am thankful for my family and the food that we had together.
Right and Lefty fell back asleep around 5:38 a.m. I stayed up a lil longer….wondering if I really needed to confess to the fam that I dropped the hor’derves and caught the dog sampling the brine that their turkey soaked in…..

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