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When It’s the Teacher Who Needs Reprimanding

I’m wondering how much I should get involved. You see, Izzy has this teacher who has lost control. Actually, I don’t know that she ever had it to loose. She cries in her classes nearly everyday, slams her hand down on the desk and yells at all the children. “You children are driving me crazy! Can’t you be quiet??????? Which one of your mothers sent an email to the principal saying I needed to get a handle on myself and get better control of my class??? Who was it??”

“She hates me.” Izzy moans.

“No.” I tell her, “she hates herself.”

“I think Mrs. W. suffers from bihopler.

“Bihopler? Do you mean bipolar?”

“Yea, same thing.”

“Errrr ummm, anyway. What happened today? What did that evil sorceress do to make my baby upset?”

“It’s not your baby she hurt today, it’s somebody elses baby. Momma, there’s this kid in our class, Dennis, and I think he has Aspergers syndrome.”

“How can you tell?”

“Just by the way he acts. He’s REALLY into army tanks… like he draws them all the time and if he’s not drawing them, then he’s constructing some kind of figure to make them.  Like outta his pencils or erasers. He even wears camouflage crocs everyday to school. It’s the way he wears his elastic pants, they are always too high ~ you know how you told me children with Aspergers will do that, but Jake wears his too low. I swear, one day Jake’s pants are gonna fall slap off him and somebody’s gonna see his fanny… and it better not be me!”

“Lets just stick with Dennis.”

“Well, I’m worried about him. Mrs.W. is SO mean to him. She yells at him ~ well, she yells at all of us, but she’s especially mean to Dennis. Yesterday she threw his book bag on the floor and she will make him leave the class room for making sounds.  I don’t think he’s trying to make sounds, I think they just slip out. she’s made him cry too. A LOT.”

“She’s made you cry, and several others, right?”

“Yes. Do something.”

“Do something? ME?”


I’m hesitant to “do something” because surely, all the teachers have been told that the child has Aspergers syndrome and surely they know that a child with Aspergers syndrome must be taught, treated and tailored to  differently. It’s not that they are trying to be disruptive or disrespectful, they don’t realize it. The worst part of it is that that they are so sensitive on the inside, words slap them harder than they do the average child and it it stays with them. I wonder if Mrs. W knows this? I wonder if it is my business to inform her? I’ve done it before, but it was with my own child. I literally went out, bought a book for one of Jake’s teachers and highlighted all the listed instructions a teacher should follow to teach a child with Aspergers syndrome.


Izzy is persistent. “I think Mrs. W musta been absent those days at teacher school when they had “how to teach a child with Aspergers syndrome.” She’s extra mean to him. You need to do something, momma.”


So here lies the predicament: I don’t know this child, nor his momma and I don’t want to stir the pot around school too much because …..well…..I can be mighty a ‘stirer’ at times. I’m very protective of children, whether they are mine or not.

So I tell PBC to keep an eye on things and keep me posted and if I have to, I will go see the principal to make sure Mrs. W is even capable of teaching a class at all.

Wonder how involved I should get?

Wonder if Mrs. W knows she is hurting other children and the lasting effects one person can make on another’s life; even years down the road?

Wonder if she realizes this child, Dennis, the one whose passion appears to be army tanks and defending his country, could one be the one years down the road who is driving the tank that eventually saves her very life???

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