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Whirlybird Soars Thru Greensboro

It’s Saturday morning and the peeps are already getting a lil anxious about what they will be doing for the next two weeks vacation.  “Can I die my hair pink?  Asks PBC. “It will match our tree! Can I?? Can I??” ERRRRRRR…..Ummmmmm……. STALchimes in “I want to sell ALL of my games at gamestop so I hope you have the whole day open ~ the lines are so long, they wrap out the door and around the corner.”
The lines are so long…. they wrap out the door and around the corner….the whole day open.. GASP.
A lil nervous about next week being stuck at home with the peeps?  Do visions of spit balls and unruly paper airplanes slapping against your head make you want to climb up your chimney and hide?

Throw those pups in the car and go on a day trip! Here’s ours to Greensboro, GA:

I would like to live in this beautiful house, don’t you? I’d like to sip ‘Grandmother’s Old Fashions’ on this very front porch. Makes a girl want to ring a lil bell and have Clarence the house boy bring me sprinkled Milk Chocolate Bourbon Balls. And looky there…. 4 fireplaces to climb up in and hide when the peeps are driving you crazy!
Walking down the street of Greensboro, GA. cute and quaint lil shops
Getting a lil hungry? Stop in at the Yesterday Cafe. We gotta hamburger that was pretty dern tasty. This is their speciality signature desert. It was YUM.  I forgot the name of it , though. Surprise, surprise, right? It’s their fault, they just kept calling it their ‘speciality desert’ Let’s just call it Sugar Custard Explosion Good family day and that night they slept like lil worn out nutcrackers. Luckily, presently ~ PBC still has her blond hair.

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