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Why a Camera Can Be Dangerous

Every time Izzy and I start to head down the road, she reaches in my purse for my I phone. She loves taking pictures…of herself.

Now, please don’t think my daughter is vain. These pictures, all 3000 of them, mostly look like this.
Ummmm, why?

“Aren’t you afraid somebody is going to get a hold of my phone and see that you take great delight in contorting your face for the camera?”
I ask her to please stop wrinkling her forehead, she’ll wish she listened to me one day when those wrinkles actually stick there.

Yes, precious, that’s your eye.
Very pretty blue eye.
I love the way she made this 4 dimensional.
Wonder what ever happened to …
smiling normal when ones takes a picture of themselves?


inform Izzy that I can see up her nose in this one and she really needs to put down the camera phone at this point.
I’m fearing those lips are doing to get stuck in that position.
Most unattractive.

So she decides to get even:
“Ummm, ok. why am I upside down? And don’t you think it would nice to warn somebody before you randomly take 332 pictures of them as they are driving down the road?”

“I’m trying to show you that you have lots of wrinkles on your neck.” Izzy tells me.
“Ehhh. Yeah. Since you are so obsessed with my phone, why don’t you help me figure out how to watermark a picture? I need to start doing it for my blog.” I ask her.
“Why would you want to do that? You take terrible pictures, momma. Do you really want to leave your mark on them showing everybody what a bad photographer you are?” Izzy tells me.

“You are being rude, put down moms phone if you’re not going to help.” I said.
“Ok, I’ll help you with your watermarking, mom.”
“Oh, ok. OK! I get it. Give me my phone, I can figure it out myself, Miss Priss.”\
And so I did…


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