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Windex Takes the Sting Outta Orange

Ok, so I had no idea the cool masks, necklaces and hats that are involved in a Mardi Gras party… Don’t even think I’m not already designing my 2013 Mardi Gras attire!
Friday night was Bella Blue’s second book signing. If you haven’t read my last post, you might want to visit: Now that you are back and informed, you will notice I am no longer orange; nor am I strongly resembling an push pop or that woman from the movie: There’s something about Mary. Thank you, Windex.
No, this dude was not my date, Izzy was. I snagged him from the crowd because I liked his get up: Elvis hair, sun glasses, a crazy jacket and oh ~ we can’t forget his Mardi Gras jester hat. Too funny!
Izzy and me ~ major book peddlers! The second book signing came off great! I left Friday night with swollen tootsies, a few less sequins, feathers floating through the hallways yet still ~ smelling like windex cleaner a rose.

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